Pass the Peanut Butter (non-ceph, but invert-related)


That horrible thing is being discussed as "Big Red: new discovery," in the Physiology & Biology forum. Someone (Melissa, I'm looking in your direction) turned the subject to the human consumption of said horrible things, and their ilk.

Please Taningia, do not remind me of such delicious food-items as raspberries, strawberries and apples, when referring to that horrible thing. Don't want any linkages developing.

Yours truly,


ps: Horrible thing.
You know, some jellies do get bigger... Personally, I think that the more astounding discovery is that this particular jelly is a new Genus and Subfamily... THAT'S something you don't see every day...

"Horrible Thing"??!?! Geez, it's not a cockroach or something like that...


Sushi and Sake,

the museum of natural history and science in San Francisco had an awesome display of live jellyfish a number of years ago...some of them bioluminesce , some just floating and pulsating really was quite beautiful...just thinking about it makes me want to read "the Lathe of Heaven" again!
Somehow, I'd missed this entire thread about some of my favorite creatures. It's always a good day when I see jellyfish in NYC's East River, which is technically not a river at all but the salty water between Brooklyn (Tani's home) and Manhattan (with my shoebox).

Greg, I think I saw the show you mention above. I visited Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the Tennessee River Aquarium a few years ago. YI was in it for the jellies and expected only trout and catfish in the other tanks, but the river is surprisingly rich. They so have some salt water expositions, like the jellyfish exhibition that later went west. That show was absolutely worth finding my way to Chattanooga, so if you ever find yourself in eastern Tennessee anyone reading TONMO should try to go.

Heads up!!

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has an exhibit called "Jellies: Living Art" that features interesting species of jellies and ctenophores side-by-side with jelly-inspired art (metal, galss, and electric sculptures). If anyone lives here in California, its definitely a must-see... Heck, the aquarium kicks major booty... Its the greatest place on Earth.

Okay, that's my plug... :heee:

Sushi and Sake,

The display I saw was at the musuem of science and technology in San Francisco was a small one, but quite well done! Of course, my friends were all bored with my 2 hour stint in that room, lots of toe tapping, etc...oh well. I actually took so long so I could figure out which one of the jellyfish looked the best to eat, so I could send some out east, because I know how much Clem loves to eat jellyfish. :lol:
p.s. don't eat the green ones, clem, they aren't ripe!
Hey! I love jelly bears, and my mom used to buy me those "swedish fish"...perhaps TONMO should sell jelly-fish??? Jeez, Clem would buy it by the pound...Tony, you could be rich!!!!
if you can convert peeps into octos, why not try swedish squid? i think ill have to get some next time im at the store and see if i can rig something up....

:cthulhu: :heart: :beer:
I may have mentioned this before, but I once ordered Shredded Jellyfish (on a friend's dare) at a restaurant in Manhattan's Chinatown. It looked like sauerkraut and tasted like rubber bands. :yuck:

A word to the wise: if you really want to eat something slithery, stick to Chow Mei Fun....

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