Pacific Tree Octo

Re: Pacific Tree Octo

neptune said:
Is this creature a hoax? :bugout:

The Pacific tree octopus is a myth. However, on the basis of your avatar, I think we can confirm the existence of the Floridian reef bunny.


Now all Ochi needs is a basket full of Cadbury Cream Eggs.


:lol: :lol: :lol: , I believe my friend you may have lost it! If not you must be the cadbury rep for NC. Who else has those things this early before Easter? :lol:

That was 8) John, thanks for the laugh!!!
Whoa I never realized how far away we are from Easter. You know how Walmart is...the day after Valentines day, they're selling for Easter...and the day after Easter, they're selling for Halloween. :lol:
sideways said:
NEWS ALERT...There's been another sighting of the Floridian Reef Bunny.

At first glance I wasn't sure the photo was legitimate, but it has a date stamp, so it must be real.

Have the bunnies infested your billiards table? They eat slate, you know.


I think its a hoax, how could the octopus stay alive away from saltwater and looking so...normal. Also, the picture on the website shows the octo putting an orange colour, this would make it very vunerable to predators such as birds of prey. What could they eat? crabs in bromeliads? Highly unlikely.

We've found quite alot of new creatures, sea bunnies, badgers...what next?
Save The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

just a link to what I have seen. my wife swears she saw a documentary on US TV about these guys! I have searched everywhere and can not find the schedule info. I will keep looking tough! :smile:

who said they don't believe in nessie???
:lol: Colin, my friend, I said I didn't want to be concerned! Nessie has a lot of water to hide in, so much in fact that they cant find her. Bigfoot same problems lots of woods. However, this octo is indigenous to only a small part of forest that are getting cut down way to fast. Would hate to know they USED to exist!

This is no way an endorsement of my beliefs LOL

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