Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus


Dec 16, 2002
A tounge-in-cheek report from : Fortean Times, Novemeber 2003, Page 17, section : The Hierophant.

"Finally, news of a hitherto unknown crypitd reaches me. The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus was somehow overlooked by Loren Coleman in his many seminal books on North America's mysterious beasts, a glaring omission which we can but hope he will correct in future works. Indeed, the octopus is not only mysterious, it's in serious danger of extinction; it suffered badly during the Edwardian era due to a vogue for hats fashioned from the bodies of the octopuses, and changes in the environment have apparently led to an explosion in the population of the Sasquatch, which it turns out is one of the octopuses's main predators.

I trust my loyal readers will take themselves off to Save The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopusto acquaint themselves more fully with this charming cephalopod and will pledhe what help they can towards the efforts to save it"

KRin :wink:
I actually thought it was some hoax thingie when I first read it on a site a few months back. I was thinking where do they get saltwater in a rainforest?

Wow I'm a :meso:

Emperor said:
Who knows perhaps one day (scroll down to the Squibbon):

I actually thought it was the Squibbon they were talking about when I first read this piece. I quite like the idea of a tree squid...

Being in the antipodes, I tend to get my magazines a little late.


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