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Oct 19, 2003
Hopefully not treading on any copyright toes here... My good friend and drummer (yes, I know, 38 and still in a band... not quitting my daytime job, 'though) Frits Bonjernoor is a graphic artist and often contributes to under the guise of "furitsu". One of the pictures in the galleries available on-line struck me as quite tonmo-fähig, so I thought I'd share it with you boys and girls. If only reality were like photoshop :roll:
bigGdelta said:
Much coolness. and my drummer just turned 50

After many a :beer: watery eyed ob slurredly states: "I love you, big man!"

Do any of your band's songs deal with great old ones or other ceph related imagery? Mine don't, anyway, but spending too much time at TONMO is making my brain addle, so I might just start on one...

Should the album contain 8 or 10 songs, I wonder :razz:
Nah, we're stuck in cover band hell in casinos, but at least we make a living at it. I'm trying to work some stuff up with the guy who plays keys/guitar but he's got a record label looking at him (showcase in Feb) so I think we're about to lose him as I can't see a major letting him tour with our old a$$es. it's a shame, our drummer has been playing professionally for 35 years and he's so good it's scary - every gig I'm going " these guys want to play with ME!!??" every musicians dream - playing with better musicians

Before I hooked up with these guys I was always the best guitar player/singer (or bass player even) in the band, now I'm the worst guitar player in the band - even the drummer is better on guitar than me - and I'm maybe just a hair better singer than the keyboard guy. Every gig and jam with these guys is an honor. Rehearsal on the other hand........
Oh well, name another job where you not only get to drink beer on the clock the boss provides it free of charge.

sorry for the late reply, got a last minute Christmas party gig and the band had to learn 2 songs as part of the deal with a whole days notice.

go for 12 songs and extra points if you can find a rhyme for f'tagn
Most of the bands I know and work with are filled with folks in their thirties and forties - some older - so I don't really think age is much of a consideration, ultimately. It might be if you want to want to target a bubblegum demographic.

Anyway, yes, if only life could be as cool as photoshop. That GPO-ski is incredible.
bigGdelta said:
go for 12 songs and extra points if you can find a rhyme for f'tagn

Depends on the accepted pronunciation... "Kublai Khan" would do if my assumptions are correct :hmm:

If, on the other hand, it is supposed to sound like a Klingon curse with a severe cold, I'm afraid I would have to let the issue lie, for countless aeons, if need be...