Over my phobia


Sep 29, 2004

I used to have this phobia of octo's :oops: which did not help when I started work experience and then p/t work at the local aquarium I used to hate doing anything in the octo tank even water tests (octos like grabbing probs) well now after almost 2 years I am actually playing with one of our octo's letting it grab my finger. So now I love every creature in the sea YAY! :notworth:

Well thats me Cya :sleeping:
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

That's a heartwarming story - overcoming your phobia and actually playing with an octopus! Did a particular octopus win you over, or did you gradually come to see that they weren't so bad?

Nice to have you with us!

Steve O'Shea said:
A temporary citizen said:
now...how can I overcome my fear of Master O :goofysca:

Don't even think about any probes!
constant exposure and subsequent cringing should do it in the long run....

Wow, I congradulate you. Even thinking of what I originally thought of them makes me want to throw myself in an area with an architeuthis. What can I say? I was younger, naive...a total moron with NO taste whatsoever... :biggrin2:
Wow that was the best welcome I have ever received EVER :goofysca: :shock:
It was our lesser octo at the aquarium that has won me over she's great and i get to play with her at the week end YAY
She LOVES mackeral and I wanna make a toy for her I dont know wether you guys have seen my other post bout my enrichment project.
Any Ideas? :?:
Hi and :welcome: to TONMO.com exoctophob!!

Glad you managed to overcome your fear :smile: , I got a phobia of frogs, large insects and slimy creatures.... Feels terrible...
Sometimes I remember how to put photos and such into the post, but more often, I just look it up in another post. Here's a cheater's tip to embed photos or links: when you forget how to do something, find a post in which this was done and click on the "quote" button. This will show you exactly what you need to do. You can then copy that text and either type or paste it into your post, substituting the information about your picture or link. People who program poorly, like me, do this all the time.

This works with other coding, too, like statistics (if you have to do the same operations with different data). My good programmer friends say this is not the best way to do things, but, like eating too many sweets and drinking and jaywalking, everybody does it.

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Obviously, I want to see your pictures!


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