Outside magazine article on diving with Humboldt Squid

I've never really much liked the whole monster angle. I mean, you have to respect the guy (Carell)-he's fascinated by the creatures, and has a liking and respect for them-but I've noticed that when people fear an animal, they tend to end up killing it. It's happened with sharks and snakes, and it might happen to squid if it goes on like this.

...Interesting reading is right.

You gotta appreciate the way Outside is playing the angle. I have to tell you though that I was on the trip with them and all of the stuff he is telling you in the story is true. Scott Cassell is trying to show the world through his studies of the animals that they can be aggresive but if we know how they are than we can take precautions from danger and be able to enjoy the animal for what it is. The main problem the Humboldt faces is commercial fishing at this point. Scott has developed a way to hire the fishing pangas to take out squid diving tourists which lowers the pressure on the animals. Just a start out idea but it has shown success so far.


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