Otis RIP....

Oct 31, 2003
Well My little bimac Otis died yesterday.... he had never got very big, I remember reading that a couple of the other members had seen similar size problems with there bimac's.

I forgot how hard it is to deal with. I was very upset at first but today I feel better, he was the second one I had over the past few years. I remember now why I waited so long to get another. Anyway I will be getting a new one soon as I can't go long without one now.... It was a great 10 months.....Rip Buddy.
Very sorry to hear that Otis passed away.

Yes, there have been other bimacs that stayed quite small. If you kept Otis for 10 months, he's lived as long as any of our other bimacs, large or small, so he's had a full life.

Be sure to let us know when you get another octo.

So sorry to hear about Otis passing. Lil Pumpkin stayed very tiny also. He was with me I think 6 months. Someone said to me that had these tiny babies been in the wild, they probably would have been the ones out of the clutch that don't survive so that gave me some comfort. They are addicting aren't they? I'm on my 5th since I joined and that's not including all my octos over the years before Tonmo!!!

Anyway RIP!!

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