Ollie has learned to wave!


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
Hi everyone,

Latest report on Ollie, who has been with me for 5 1/2 months now:

Ollie has learned to wave! I've always waved hello and goodby to him. Imagine my surprise when one day he stretched out his arm and waved back. And by now he's done it many times. For instance, last night when I waved goodnight, he waved back. But if he's sitting on all his arms in the entrance of his den, I can't get him to do it because he's too comfortable and waving involves untangling himself.

I don't have a pic yet of him waving, but here's one of him holding a drinking straw.

What's up with the rest of the bimacs out there?

That is great!! I can't wait till you get a pic (or better yet, a movie) of that!!!

Now I got that octopus's garden song stuck in my head again! :P
Ollie has gotten so big :shock: and learned so much. Jam is learning to hunt on his own. He has caught three fiddler crabs, but still begs for the airtube. If its hanging off the top of the tank and he can see it, he goes up and tries to get it thru the glass :smile: silly octo. I just give him treats with the tube now :biggrin2:

Ollie looks great! He sure has the algea color down pat!!! Amazing he has actually learned how to wave! Work on a video!!

Ink seemed to go into a almost sulk when I was gone last week. Hung up in a corner and only came out to eat. He's back to playing with his Lego now that I'm back, and trying to disconnect the powerhead!!

Hi Carol,

I think these bimacs really do get attached to one person and expect that person to be there for them. This is not the first I've heard of an octopus sulking, either!

Nice that Ink has returned to normal. I was wondering whether he still plays with his Lego block.

I'm jealous, and as I said in my other post, it looks like my bimac purchase will be delayed, as my funds are tied up in a large purchase I made for my new apt. (with me woman, hehe)

I never tried to teach Ollie to wave. I always waved hello and good-bye to him, from the time he arrived.

After about 5 months, one day he started waving back! He now has both a one armed and a two armed wave (the two-armed wave is VERY enthusiastic). And sometimes he initiates the waving.

Ollie is always looking for ways to make contact, as am I. I make sure I give him a big wave back whenever he waves at me. We both enjoy this activity!

oh, well I suppose i can start of easy witha goodbye and move on from there, you from texas, why not stop by and check out the NRCC, once I aqcuire my private lab anyone welcome to check the lab out can pm me and we can make arrangement's lol. :biggrin2:
Both myself and Nancy went to the NRCC last year to visit James Woods and John Forsyth... you can read about it here online Visit to the NRCC (2002)

Next time I'm chatting with them I'll be sure ask them to take good care of you when you move in
oh, I didn't know that you guy's had a article about it, that's wonderful ,when you planning on going back, "supposebly" im joining in on the fun november if nothing is delayed lol. :P
colin, I reckon i'll be set up in a wet and dry laboratory, i'll be allright with that, love the benefit's of being able to have ceph's at "bay"(close-by) lol.I'm leaning toward's biochemistry, I can get more benefits in the end, I'll be cozy lol, everything else I need is a few feet away, I have everything at hand. :smile:

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