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May 30, 2000
Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #80 Posted at Wed Nov 13 17:15:52 2002
Liber Al Vel Loligo..... LOL. I think that my coworkers believe me to be crazy for laughing like this at my desk, and it would do no good to explain to them what it is I'm laughing at (they already think I'm nuts enough - they try to talk to me about sports teams and I try to educate them about squid... The Golden Dawn turned into a burger joint, huh? I guess at least it wasn't a calamari restaurant .... Thanks for making my morning enjoyable, folks
-- Sedusa

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #81 Posted at Thu Nov 14 18:37:33 2002
'Golden Dawn' wasn't she in Private Benjamin?

Blood Beach, yeah I saw that one - Fantastic! But surely the ultimate B-movie tentacled predator was seen in 'Tremors' I,II,III and I believe IV. True classics of our time, shall we see their like again?
-- Geoff

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #82 Posted at Sun Nov 17 09:30:54 2002
Ah, but for sheer je ne sais quoi (or would that be je ne sais pourquoi?), nothing can equal PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE (1959, directed by the legendary Edward D. Wood)! It has with good reason been voted The Worst Movie Ever Made, and you haven't lived till you've seen it -- it makes BLOOD BEACH look like CITIZEN KANE.

Getting back to the subject of ceph sightings, there's an American TV commercial out for a new computer game called "Zoo Tycoon". The commercial shows kids bringing an assortment of wild animals into the house, the premise being that the game is a lot more practical than the real thing. At the very end of the commercial, a little girl is attempting to push a Humboldt-sized rubber squid (which keeps falling off) on a swing. Very cute!

Another TV commercial, which is less ceph-friendly, is for a new Hot Wheels toy car track that looks like a savage green octopus with a glaring expression and fangs! I forget the name of the product -- something like "Octo Slash". Nasty.

Finally, Nickelodeon has done it again -- in a recent episode of their computer-animated JIMMY NEUTRON, BOY GENIUS series, Jimmy and his friends pilot a submarine to explore an undersea shipwreck, and find a very mean-looking Giant Squid barring the way. Jimmy activates some sort of Universal Translator he has invented, and asks the GS politely if they can explore the wreck. It turns out Mr. Archi is quite civil -- with a British accent, to boot! -- and cooperates with them fully once he knows their non-violent intentions.

(Makes you wonder how many Archis' lives would have been saved if there really was a gizmo like that....)
-- TaningiaDanae
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