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[Old Board Archive] Ammonites at Kremmling Colorado


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May 30, 2000
What follows is a classic discussion from the "old" TONMO.com Message Board. Enjoy!


Ammonites at Kremmling Colorado|pikaia|
I recently found out about a site in kremmling that has ammonite fossils
I have been emailing the paleotologist there and he says we will be able to come right on the sight (i thought we would only be able to gaze from afar)
I'm waiting to recieve driving directions from him (we're only about a two hour drive)
once we go i will tell y'all about them thare rockeded ammimals:smile::smile:

Re: Ammonites at Kremmling Colorado|ceph|
Kewl! If you find any perhaps you could post some images of them.


Re: Ammonites at Kremmling Colorado|pikaia|
weelll maybe I will......

The Paleontoloigist(who said he was actually an archeologist) said "why sure come on down!"

well not exactly, but he did say somthing very similar.

and I will have too get pics because thats all you can do. Their is absolutly no collecting !!
Which is fine with me ,I wouldn't want to disturb any thing in its natural habitat!

However finding they time to go may be difficult......???

Re: Ammonites at Kremmling Colorado|scaphites|
Pictures of the ammonites and a description of the site and research can be found
at the link below


It is alot better to visit in person, I have been there twice.

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