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Nov 19, 2002
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Here is the start of list of links to Fossil Cephalopods

The Tree of Life
The Fossil Coleoid Page
Fossil Nautiloidea
Paleontological Museum, University of Oslo, Norway
Hooper Virtual Natural History Museum, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Fossil Cephalopods on the Cephalopod Page
Tusoteuthis, Fossil Squid
Niobrarateuthis, Fossil Squid
A Field Guide to Fossils of the Smoky Hill Chalk - Part 1a
Cephalopoda, on Palaeos
Cephalopoda, Yale, Peabody Museum of Natural History
Fossil Cephalopods in France
What is an Ammonite, Humboldt State University Natural History Museum
Huge Ammonite
Neale Monks Ammonite site
Denver Museums Kremmling Colorado Site
Ammonites in the World Museum of Natural History (Fox Hills and Pierre Shale)
Fossils of the Gault Clay and Folkstone Beds of Kent, UK
Cretaceous Ammonites
Cretaceous Ammonites
study of Ammonites in Scour Troughs
French Jurassic Ammonites
Jurassic Ammonites UK
Jurassic Ammonites UK
Middle Triassic ammonoids in Nevada
Early Triassic Ammonoids in Nevada
More Triassic ammonoids in Nevada
Triassic ammonoids in California
Goniat, a database of Paleozoic ammonoids
California Carboniferous Cephalopods

I Hope it works
Thanks a million Kevin :thumbsup: ! Should anyone else find additional sites please post them in successive messages, and Kevin's original post can be amended (we'll treat it as the 'Master list').
Thanks for doing this Kevin.

That Folkestone site is the one I have been using to identify the fossils I have found there. That site is only seven miles from me!

Cheers again, Phil
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