Ok, one more time...


Feb 27, 2003
I contacted 5thday aquatics here in Tx on Monday, at the time she didnt have any octos(bimacs, they are out of season?). Yesterday she called back and gave me the choice btw three octos. Vulgaris, biareus and pygmy. I told her vulgaris. It will be wild caught,in florida, which i really dont want but at least i have a chance of it being a gravid female. Her prices were also unbeatable. She is going to call me this weekend to let me know if her supplier was able to get one, if so then i will pick the new octo up on Wed of next week. ALthough i really dont want a wild caught octo, I know I can give it a great home with more food than it can eat. I'll keep you informed.
An old coach of mine once told me, "Have a hunch, bet a bunch".... since the prices seem to be certainly not a bunch, i see no problem in rolling them bones....

Best of luck :smile:
Thanks everyone hopefully everything will go smoothly.

As far as octo pets, the reason is $. I already had $74 invested in the other two octos, and paying for another plus shipping with no guarantees, wasnt up to it again. With this one , I wont even be paying Half of what i could get them sent to me for :|
Well the Lady at 5th day called me yesterday and told me that there is a waiting list for O Vulgaris :? But that i could get a O Briareus with no problem. The only down fall is that i have a very good chance of getting a gravid female :? so maybe i will have babies :smile: soon.
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