Oh, The joy!! Octopus on its way

Apr 20, 2005
hello all,
I am happy to inform you that I have ordered another octopus. It feels a lot better ordering an octopus nowing that you can keep it 100% happy. The octopus's head size is only about the size of a dime so I feel he will be much more happy to chill out in my 30 gallon ware he can pig out and get used to my tank. Then he will be moved to his real home the 90 gallon (I have been updating the filters) awsome new sump. He has all the food he will need for at least a few weeks. i am also ordering him a bunch of native crabs to make him feel at home.
water quality is all perfect and has been for the last 6 months. every thing has been in line for a wile I've been waiting for the best time to order. I'll get pics as soon as possable (Its kind of funny that I can program in several different languages and still have trouble getting pics on a forum LOL).

Well, when is your new octo due to arrive? And do you know what species it is? Good luck with all this.:octopus:

And this time you need to get your hands on a camera, so that you can post some pics!