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Offer of preserved octopus samples


Blue Ring
Jul 12, 2019
Hey all!

Hopefully I posted this in the correct place. I apologize in advance for this is not about live octopuses :'(

With my current research, I will have lots of extra tissues left from whole Octopus pallidus (pale octopus) after I'm done studying them (morphometrics and analysis of different tissues). But there're only these many arms I can analyze. These individuals will already contribute to 3 independent research projects so far, and I'm looking for more people who need these samples whether it's for scientific research, education or collection hobbies.

Researching my favourite animal in the world is heartbreaking especially when we can't keep them alive, but I know that what I'm doing will ultimately be for the good of these amazing animals, and in this kind of situation I really hope I can make the best use of these precious specimens with your help.

So please do hit me up if you're interested!

Thanks for reading. :octorun:

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