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Octopus Volcano on TV this afternoon


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
For all of you who wanted to see O. vulgaris close up (and watch an entertaining hour of TV), Animal Planet is bringing Octopus Volcano this afternoon at 3:00 my time (Central Time).

It's about research into whether octopuses living near an island with a live volcano can sense the eruption before it happens.

Don't miss it!

I just realized after I posted that... I don't get Animal Planet. *sigh* I have a hard time thinking it's worth shelling out another $30 a month for another 100 or so channels I won't watch.
This was MUCH better than the version we saw here! It helped that I watch the American version (I am typical US and only speak one language ;>) but there was much more content and many more pictures of octopus interaction. Neal and I were surprised that the video did not have much content considering the length of the expedition but it appears the content was left on the cutting room floor. Thanks for the more complete version!
Hi all
I'm new but keen, love marine life, love life in general, but have definate soft spot for squid and octopus... Missed Animal Planet program, :cry:hope they show it again.

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