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octopus trapping off SC

Feb 24, 2005

just found this artical while looking for octos... found it very interesting seeing that it takes place in st. helena sound just 30 minutes south of here. i know a few other people on these forums are from the charleston area so i thought it might interest them too and maybe give us a source for o. vulgaris... we might want to look into this...

also has a great link to some more pictures at the bottom
Sounds like the only source this would be good for is for appetizers! :frown: Kind of creul placing them in ice water, dontcha think?
yea the ice water part sounded cruel, but im sure after some convincing, and for some extra money they would be willing to sell them live. It seems like they are a small business, and they might be more inclined to this since any money is good money
Yeah I agree with you simple. Hard to find a good reliable lead as far as obtaining quality octopi, especially vulgaris.
not only that they are also working with the DNR so you know they are willing to help out many causes etc. and usually people like this are more than happy to let people like us tag along on the adventure.
well after studying some of the pictures ive decided to take it upon myself to make my own set of octo traps and try my luck around the charleston area... ill post some pics of the traps im building when im done. and if im productive with them id be more than willing to send some to all...
well nothing showed up in the traps in charleston harbor so i decided to be a little crazy and take my 14 foot boat about a mile offshore of the jetties in a six foot sea to set them out there (did this sunday). im gonna try and pull them wed. as long as the wind lays off a little bit cause im not going out there if theres more than a 6 foot swell again... gets kinda hairy... also hard to find the floats when they dissapear behind a wave every 3 seconds... and hopefully a shimp boat hasnt decided to run the trawls right over the string of traps... or the strong currents pulled the traps 2 miles in another direction... seems like alot of things working against me.... could be 50 bucks down the tubes... or it could be... lets see... about 25 traps... so at best... 25 octos...
im pretty close to that area now. they start dumping just south of the second bouy and about .5 mile east of it. my only fear of getting out that way though is if a shrimp boat decides to go that way they will pick up my string of traps. too bad there are not any wrecks out in 30-40 feet of water off of charleston like off of prices inlet. i know theres a small wreck out there thats great for spade fish but i dont think theres anything off charleston except the reef in 90 feet of water about 30 miles out
Keep posting! Really interesting to see someone out experimenting! Keep it safe(r) though! Wild idea regarding the shrimp boats ... Would planting a dive flag help keep them somewhat clear? Just a thought.

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