Octopus sighting with Aloha


Aug 4, 2005
Yesterday i went snorkeling on a reef in Hawaii. I saw an Octopus Cyanea on the rocks ! He began swimming when he saw me. He flashed many colors and crawled into his cave. I made a mental note where his cave was located for future visits. I woulds say he was about 3 ft from one tentacle tip to the other. I always look for Octopus when I dive or snorkel. I never find any. In my whole life i have seen 3 large onesin hawaii during the day time and one at night time in Turks and Caicos. I have seen many octos in aqauriukms, but to see one gliding over a reef in the wild is a privilige with flair. So you can imagine how happy I was when I saw the octo yesterday. just wanted to share my excitement with all u octolovers
I'm very jealous, Scottish water is not exactly user friendly when it comes to snorkeling!!! Bit chilly LOL

But I did see a wild octopus on Friday, I was out sea fishing and one of the things caught was an Octopus called Eledone :smile:
Octo in the wild

That's neat to see one in the wild....my wife saw one in June while we were in the British Virgin Islands. She was snorkling in about 10 feet of water near the Bathes on Virgin Gorda. She followed it for a couple of minutes.

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