Octopus Pics finaly!!

Apr 20, 2005
I finaly got a pic of my octopus!

Thank you, clownfish, for posting these nice pics.

I know you've talked about your octo in other threads, but we have a lot of new people. Maybe you'd like to tell us a little about him - how long you've had him, what he eats, what species you think he is, and anything else you might want to share.

These are pics of my octopsu Bubbles. I had him for a little over 6 months,
it was a briareus octopus. he got about 1 foot long with a mantle about the size of a golf ball. Pics of my current octopus are comeing I actualy have 2 but they are very low quality. My octopus is geting used to his new home so he is out alot more so look forward to some nice pics. Oh and he ate mostly fiddler crabs but also liked local crab and shore shrimp.

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