octopus owner in waiting

Feb 25, 2003
I just got back from visiting my new Bimac at the LFS.
It just came in today, and I'm waiting until after the weekend to
bring it home.

A small bimac, about 2" leg span.
I almost can't wait, but I know I should.
I'll let them deal with getting it aclimated and eating after the trip.
Patience is indeed a virtue...but we can all hardly wait too !!!!
I also forgot, the sump project was this weekend and
was a disaster,
the acrylic glue I was told to use, didn't hold up to the water pressure.

I can keep the pieces and use it later, with the right glue

anyway, broke down and just bought some glass tanks,
(1) 10 gal sump and (1) 15 refugium

I should have gone that route from the start, after all weekend
clamping, glueing, drying, leaking.

2 hours after the decision to go glass tanks, it was done.

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