octopus on ebay

i got crabs

May 19, 2005
for anyone interested in briareus, or any on einterested in what another seller has as "small reef octopus" there are now about half a dozen or more listings on ebay. Danacc305 the guy thats bin sellin the briareus now offers a buy it now price of 45$ just figured that some of you that were lookin to keep one of these species might be interested.
that is a little mis informing coral octopus are you kidding I bet almost all of them are going to be put in a reef tank and get stung to death I hope thoughs octopus get a good home.
yeah, i agree that some people are probably gonna throw out a bid evan if they dont have any info on keepin octopus. thats why i post'd dis here. hopein that people with experience will buy them. i know that one of the members here sent a message to one of the buyers and luckaly they had a lot of experience! a lot! maybe it might not be a bad idea for one of da moderators to get in toutch wit the sellers and work out something where the seller can list tonmo as source of information before bidding. i mailed it regards to that but have not got'n a reply yet.
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