Octopus nesting behavior?

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Spy D

Dec 1, 2005
Thanks in advance for any responses. I'm researching for a screenplay and want to know the nesting behavior of octopi. Specifically, if there was a sunken hull of a ship, would any cephalopods (hopefully less than a meter in length, octopus/squid-like in appearance, and found in the region bordering Indonesia and the open Indian Ocean) share this den with others?

I imagine my scuba-diver entering, discovering the skeletal remains of slaves still chained to the walls, and in her sudden withdrawl, disturbing a large number of cephalopods that basically swarm (and possibly glow with bioluminescence). I want them to be startling and potentially dangerous (or possibly just beautiful should they be bioluminescent), but not guaranteed to attack so that my character can retreat and escape more or less unharmed.

Is it realistic to imagine Sam entering and shining her light without immediately disturbing them?

That's a tall order, I know! It's just a small moment in the story and not a plot point, so it doesn't need to be exact. Anyhow, any advice is much appreciated. Thanks! -Spy D
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