Octopus lovers wanted for documentary!


Sep 14, 2007
Hi - my name is Gaby and I work for a documentary company in London. We are making a series about extraordinary animals. One of the episodes is about a giant Pacific octopus living at Seattle Aquarium focussing on the intelligence and unique personalities of these amazing creatures. We will be filming with Roland Anderson and Jennifer Mather talking about their latest research into self recognition (using mirrors) and people recognition and play.
I am looking for some people who have pet octopuses that have any surprising and interesting stories about their octopus. I am also interested in hearing about octopus owners relationships with their octopus and any problems or surprises they have had in keeping them as a pet. We will be filming at Seattle Aquarium so it would be great to speak to people based near there with the possiblity of filming them and their octopus but I would be interested in hearing all stories from people based anywhere.
I look forward to hearing about all those octopuses!
I wish I lived closer to Seattle (especially right now, with the heat wave going on), because I would like to give comment from the opposite side of the spectrum...I am a rabid enviromentalist who does not agree with keeping most species of Cephalopod in captivity.
Just like to be fair and balanced!

Oh, by the bye, Welcome to Tonmo!

:welcome: to TONMO! It sounds like a great project, and I expect you'll get a lot of interest, although I can't think of a lot of ceph-keepers immediately around Seattle, between this and the Smithsonian giant squid exhibit making a stop in Seattle (I think the dates overlap, right?) maybe there will be a TONMO mini-con...
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

What a good idea for a documentary. The Giant Pacific Octopuses should be wonderful subjects and are very photogenic! I hope you get a chance to see them taking apart Mr. Potato Head, which Roland Anderson mentioned a while ago.

I can't think of any octopus keepers in the Seattle area, although we've had someone with a breeding project in Oregon and octopus keepers in southern California. Otherwise, they are spread around the nation.

We would love to hear about the documentary as it progresses and will of course want to see it when you've released it.

Try the photos and journals section for "real life" experiences and a general feel for ceph keepers' trials and trauma. You may not find direct material for a documentary but you may get some ideas for focus.

For a little real life humor, try the Octopus Care section under octopus bites (these are true experiences of people being bitten by their wards).

and ... don't forget the cuttle fish

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