[Featured]: Octopus living in groups and more stuff

Unfortunately, forum software removes the staring points for YouTube videos. I watched much of it and noted the octo spottings:
A pair of very small (possibly babies) at 2:30:xx and 2:39:xx
A dumbo at 7:37:xx
The best shots and almost 10 minutes of continuous video of 2 dumbos at 8:49:xx
Here is another reporting (via @haggs). This group talked to @pgs for suggestions as to why this might be happening.

I remember something somewhat similar being reported with the extreme cold in 2010 with O. briareus which anecdotally fits the thought that there is something up with the water. I wonder if these octopuses are common to the area or if they migrated to temporarily warmer waters and were caught in a normal fall cooling.

Another article with thoughts by @ceph trying to analyse the bazaar behavior.
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More octopuses living in groups
Amazing Octopus - Most Intelligent Animal - Series Of Tests - Must Watch- Documentary HD 2017 (35 min 9 seconds) Capri

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