Octopus in different languages?

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Just a comment on your current list: the German word "Tintenfisch" is rather used for cuttlefishes than for octopus, I think. The most common word for octopus in Germany is "Oktopus".

If I'm not wrong 'pulpo' is spanish for octos, in german its 'krake', in french its 'pulpe', in italian its 'polipo' and in portugese its 'polvo'. Hope this helps.
It would sound like " ba jiao yu" which directly translates to 8-legged fish. Cuttlefish are called " Mo yu " meaning ink fish and squids are "you yu".
I had to much free time and started writing the characters in paint so here it is.
Just in case...

German: der Tintenfisch ('ink fish'), die Krake
Norwegian: et blekksprut ('ink-spitter')
Swedish: blaeckfisk
Maori: wheke
Tongan: feke
Spanish: el pulpo
Italian: il polipo
Korean: ba-yü
French: la pieuvre
Esperanto: polpo
Indonesian: cumecume
Latin and Greek: octopus (no kidding!)
Japanese: tako
Finnish: mustekala
Russian: osminog (a combination of the words 'eight legs')
Czech, Slovak and Bosnian: chobot nece ('trunk animal')
American Sign Language: make on 'o' shape with your right hand (four fingers curved, tips together with the tip of the thumb), rest your right thumb-knuckle on the back of your left hand, point your four left-hand fingers down and wiggle them.

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