Octopus cyanea

nope, and i'd have one if i did :smile:

just need to try asking local importers that import from hawaii
You could try suppliers in south east asia though chances are they won't know the species, you could try getting a bandensis too but cuttles don't seem to be in season. Hawaii would be the better choice.
nope, miles out... thats probably the distance between it eyes :smile:

you are looking at close to 6 feet from tip to tip :smile:
Colin said:
nope, miles out... thats probably the distance between it eyes :smile:

you are looking at close to 6 feet from tip to tip :smile:


Yep, for having the pleasure of working on O. cyanea last year in Indonesia i can confirm that they grow really big :wink:. In my study of the local octo fishery, i (only) came across (by that i mean the octo was brought to me for statolith removal by a fisherman prior to being sold to a middleman) a 3.2kg octo. I've had access to the local middlemen books and it seems the record stands at about 6kg :shock: ... but it was caught two weeks before i arrived on site :evil: dang!

Hi Last year I was workin in on Pemba Island, Tanzania and we were working on local artisanal fisheries one of which was for octopus, specifically Octopus cyanea and can vouch for their size I think the largest caught while we were working on them was 5.7kg it was one of almost 3/4 of a tonne caught over the low tide period last August. I also saw them whilst carrying out Dive surveys in the same area one especially comes to mind that was about 6.5 feet across about 2 meters away from our survey it made me jump I can tell you when it decided to move. So these things can grow to huge sizes. Aside from that does anyone know where I can find Articles or scientific journals about the afore mentioned octopus for work I am trying to do.
Uuuuum.... I could hook u up with a cyanea I live in hawaii and I caught my own. But Im not sure how to ship it. If u can figure out how to get it shipped to u I might be able to catch u one. :wink:
Where/how did you catch them?? I need some for a project. I am on the Hilo side of the Big Island and have not been able to catch them anywhere. Help!!

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