Octopets.com is the worst online retailer around.

I agree.

Maybe VL wasn't very good at supressing anger and whatever...but it's still a good piont since some poeple are not really sure of what's really behind all the Octo breeding stuff.
also he works with you if you need to. just be patient and get a hold of him. i just got an octo from him a coulple of weeks ago but it died the other day now hes gonna send me a new baby next week so keep your cool man. i was impatient at first too but you have to wait no matter who the supplier is so it may as well be one that you can be on a first name basis with and who will take care of you no matter how long it takes
You know I wonder if maybe they should get a little bigger before shipping--The two week survival rate seems pretty dismal.

I would be happy to pay an extra $10 or $20 to get one another two or three weeks old if it would make a difference.

Since this is a brand new enterprise, there are a ton of bugs to be worked out...and I think some of the pro-active solutions you all have come up with are great !

After suffering through floods, fire, quakes, and an unintentional mass migration...Octopets is still afloat. Support this business people...however you can.

I agree our octo is doing great and has been since day one. I think alot of that has to do with the fact that he is older. I'm gueesing about 3 or 4 months old. I remember you said yours was smaller than you expected. As you can see from our pics ours is about the size of my hand if he is streched out. I know that means we wont have him for the full 18 month life span but at least a good year. And I would take that over the disappointment of getting a younger one who dies because of stress. I also think alot has to do with our amount of live rock and our castle he has endless places to hide if he feels the need to. We have 3 young children all under the age of 6 so needless to say our house is loud and crazy, when the kids get to wild and he wants to hide he can.
Mizu, I hate to disappoint you, but I've been tracking this for several years and the longest anyone has kept a bimac after receiving it is between 10 and 11 months. This includes wild caught and those from Octopets, includes bimacs kept at low and higher temperatures, bimacs fed only live food or not, and all the variations you might imagine.

If you add 2 -3 months for the time the bimac was alive before being shipped, the lifespan would be 12-14 months. The 1 1/2 year lifespan is supposed to come from a bimac kept somewhere in a lab - have never been able to track it down. The actual normal lifespan in captivity must be less.

So enjoy your bimac while you can - we all wish they could live longer.

lLet me inform some of you a bit, if may? Raising bimacs is very tricky! Even in the best of situations. I did it in a public aquarium environment, with the H2O being monitored and changed consistently and optimum feeding conditions. I STILL lost some. A few decided to venture beyond the confines of the enclosure and wound up on the floor, a couple got trapped in the filter lines, some resorted to cannibalism.. etc. Hey, these are wild animals! I feel fortunate that after starting with hundreds of eggs and hatchlings, I was able to release 8 healthy ocots to sea at adulthood. That is a pretty good ratio......Cheers! :bluering:
cthulhu77 said:
What VL said is a complete insult...from "worst" to "jerk".

Well, if he's the only one in the business, he's sort of the "worst" by definition, even if he is the best. Charles Dickens would surely agree...

I doubt he's a jerk though. :smile:

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