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octo size?


Pygmy Octopus
May 21, 2003
Hello everyone. I just got a Bimac last week. I'm not sure if it is a bimaculoides, or bimaculatus. He (not sure of the sex, but i'm calling it a he) has eye spots, but i think both species have these. My question is, how big does each of these get to be? Right now his mantle is about the size of a grape. BTW, his name is The Pope. :smile:
Thanks all.
Well, be sure to feed him nothing but fish on fridays!!! I am not altogether sure of the size differences...Colin???
Hi Octavian,

The Octopus bimaculoides is the smaller octopus, with a body of almost 5 inches, and arms of about 14 inches long when it is fully grown. It's more active during the day than its relative, the Octopus bimaculatus. Also, the bimaculoides has a ring of blue unbroken chain links within its eye spots.

The Octopus bimaculatus is large, with an 8 inch body and arms up to 32 inches. The chain links within its eyespots are broken, with spokes extending to the outer edge of the eyespots.

It's going to be hard to see the chain in the eyespot on a young octopus.

Could you post a photo of him?


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