Octo sighting in "Spirited Away"


Dec 16, 2002
I've had my copy of "Spirited Away" for three days now and have watched it three times so far. It is brilliant!

There is a red-octopus headed creature in one of the bath scenes. Maybe half a second in shot.

Not ceph-related, but I urge anyone who likes anime to not walk but run to the video store to see what is probably Miyazaki's best film yet. Spirited Away rules!
As mentioned in another thread, I too just got a VHS of SPIRITED AWAY. I am not usually a video buyer (for me, it's books, books, books), but after renting the film I knew I had to own a copy that I could see whenever I wanted.

IMHO, SPIRITED AWAY is the second greatest animated feature I've ever seen (the first being Disney's original FANTASIA). The great things about the Miyazaki feature are not only its fine visual art and music track, but also the Shinto references and the profound universal coming-of-age theme. (Before her stay at the Bathhouse of Spirits, Chihiro was anxiety-ridden about having to attend a new school -- after her return, she confidently stated, "I think I can handle it!") The film also contained echoes of ALICE IN WONDERLAND and THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS -- allegorically complex "children's" stories in their own right.


I did notice, for one moment, a spirit with the head of a red octopus. In that same collage of images, there was also an oblong-shaped tentacled spirit lounging in one of the baths. I also noticed that the kindly Radish Spirit -- so reminiscent of the "Chief Totoro"! -- had a couple of thick tentacles hanging from his face (at first I mixed them up with his droopy Sumo-wrestler breasts, then realized they were separate). Boy, the lengths we'll go to just for a fleeting glimpse of squiddage!

i was about to say something because what you said seemed uncharacteristically simple, until i saw those quotation marks around the word 'childrens'

thought you were slipping... good to know i was just jumping the gun :)

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