Octo Pets? Anything goin on with them?


Jul 27, 2004
i ordered my first octo from Octopets.com and although i got an order confirmation and i took the next day off to await his arrival my octo never came.
MANY emails and phone calls have gone unanswered. Are they ok? recent weather patterns in California are bothersome.
be my luck to FINNALY after 10 years of wanting one and not finding a place to buy, watching the place that sells them fall off into the ocean.

or is this normal and i should wait 4-6 weeks for delivery?
Hi Mizu

Some people have reported great success with OctoPets. I don't know where in California they are. Does anyone know if they've been affected by the mudslides? :shock:

Good luck! Don't forget to post a picture when your octo arrives and to add your tank to the tank database!

I left 2 phone messages and 2 e-mail messages with Octopets about 3-4 weeks ago asking them a few questions and wanting to order from them. I never recieved a response. I still hope to use them in the near future to purchase my octopus and some feeder items. I am also interested if something has happened to the company.
All of southern california is a complete mess right now...they are over three times their annual rainfall already (2nd month of the year?)...I hope they aren't located near any of the severely damaged areas !
I haven't heard anything from them either...
Just a little info-- If you were considering using fishsupply.com instead of octopets.com to get your new baby they are out of octos also! I just called and they said to call back next week and maybe they would have some.
Thanks Dawn,

I had sent them an email this morning but hadn't gotten anything back yet. I find it strange that its possible for them to have more next week--Don't they get their stock from octopets? Or perhaps they raise their own from octopets festoons?

I think that maybe that the fishsupply.com guy was just trying to keep my hopes up :wink: ... I looked on the website and they seem to be in CA also, so I figured that octopets.com would be just as fast so I put an order in with them. *sigh* I guess it won't hurt to let the tank keep cycling some more! :mrgreen:

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