Octo in need of RESCUING


Oct 16, 2007
Shane went to a local pet store yesterday that has a little salt water to just check it out. Well, they know VERY little about salt water and were ACCIDENTALLY shipped an octopus.

I have no place to keep he so I need to find him a home, someone with a prepared tank and a food source.

I don't know ANYTHING about him... if someone doesn't take him he will either die, go to the wrong home, or be immproperly shipped back to the supplier. Shane said the first time he saw him he was the same colors as Rigby, a bimac, but he couldn't tell if it had eyespots, and today when he went (to take pics but camera battery died) he was just mad a pacing and was black... that is ALL I know...

I have been out of town (back today but the store is closed) and have not even seen him. Shane tells me that he has a mantle about 3 inches and legs between 10 and 12 inches.... and VERY mad... (we hope he doesn't figure out how to get out tonight).... they put him in a 2 1/2 gal tank with a top and he is VERY upset... tomorrow AM we are going to go to take pics they open at 10 and we have to be at work at 11 so I am not going to have time to post until we get home tomorrow night....

I would like to have someone ready to recieve him on tuesday (me shipping on monday)

I would need
$22 for octo (includes my tax)
$12 for tank (includes my tax) he is in this now and will have to buy him in it to get him from the store.... but glass and can't ship him in it
+ actual shipping

I will pack with pure O2 in a large bag in a styrofoam cooler in box and heat pack if necessary.... (I will take care of all this to get him a good home)

I have paypal... please help out a lost octo...
he is with a few pieces of live rock and I will buy them if I have to...but it isn't safe to ship them with him so no worry to you...
I know it's 3 hours but you could bring him down here if you have the time. I would not be able to keep him because with my cuttles I would not be able to secure a top, but you could trade him in at my work (The Aquarium) for livestock credit though you will probably take a hit on some of your money. He would not have an ideal home there either, but we at least know how to care for him.
it is 5 1/2 or 6 hours there.... but if you find or know someone that would want him in SLC I would be willing to meet them half way if they would like....
SandV;108078 said:
it is 5 1/2 or 6 hours there.... but if you find or know someone that would want him in SLC I would be willing to meet them half way if they would like....

For some reason I always thought it was only 3. I guess 6 makes more sense if I think about it more. I'll let you know if I find anyone soon.
When I shipped cuttle eggs (all 225 of them...), I went to Target and bought a leak-proof plastic container. It was in the food container aisle (with those Ziplock and Glad containers). I can't remember the brand, but it had a lid that locked down on four sides (it folded down and snapped into place). They come in several sizes. I had a few cases of leaking bags before I figured out the rigid plastic container. I would also include a heat pack, since you don't know how long the box is going to sit in the back of the truck. I shipped everything FedEx...
Sorry simple I have NO idea... today he was spiky... will post pics in a little while.... I don't know about shipping to canada.... but i have an interested person but i will continue to update...

QUESTION: should i put him in my 40 gal hospital to let him rest before i ship him ... he got to the store on wednesday I believe... but he is SO VERY VERY MAD...
OK that is a great idea on the box... I know what you are talking about I will try to find one.... but actually then i cant pack him with O2 which would be better???

I am not sure how far walla walla is.... but if it falls threw i will let you know...
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