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Sep 4, 2006
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After loosing JoeJoe so quickly and painfully, I was determine to try another pigmy so this is Octiffiny. Unfortunately, there were eggs (assuming pigmy eggs are very transparent loose white balls) in her shipping bag so we don't know how much time we will have with her.

She has been in her new home for two days and had not produced any more eggs and is eating. The eggs were very transparent and I don't believe they were viable. Does anyone know if stress can cause the release of eggs prematurely? Can the female choose to release infertile eggs and still have sperm stored?

I coaxed her out during the day today and introduced a film canister with the bottom cut out (never used for film) and was able to get a couple of videos and stills.

Introducing Octiffiny:

Stills as filmstrip:
Photo and Video Storage | Photobucket

Video of Her leaving film canister and going to her shell:

Photo and Video Storage | Photobucket

We think Octiffiny is Joubini but the "egg" size was sort of right in the middle (between 1/8 and 1/4 inch - closer to 1/8 I would say).

She came from www.sealifeflorida.com (where else ;>), as did JoeJoe.

So far she has been quite entertaining. She IS eating and still hasn't released more eggs. She will now push her door to the substrate when she goes hunting and will leave the door off her den until she has finished her meal. My red flashlight is detected but she doesn't panic when we look at her but has only come out to investigate once and has not really interacted with us at all - yet. After she shoves the crab (she is hunting and eating fiddlers very well) remains out of her den, she picks up her "door" and closes off her den. It will be interesting to see if she stays in one place or switches residence like Trapper does on a regular basis. She has fewer choices but has used two of the shells already.

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