nube in the UK


Jun 20, 2004
greatings every one :jester:

my name is Adam,

I am a computer programmer and i am extreamly interested in getting an octopus. next year when i finish university i am going into the games industry, to write games. :jester:
one of the first things i am going to do is to start to save up for an octopus. i am planning on spending about 2000 £'s to get a really amazing and HUGE tank set up. idealy i would like to bread octopus, but i thought it best to start out with just keeping one.
after much trawling (no pun intened) of the net i have found a few good site to buy supplys online and a wealth of information on settin up and maintaining a tank and keeping octopus.

I have unfortuenetly however not found anywere online where i can buy an octopus in the UK or get a very larg tank i am looking for about 700lts+
if any one can help me out, especialy if you live in the UK i would really appriciate it :notworth:

Adam :jester: (btw the jester is so cool !!)
Hi and welcome to! :welcome:
We do have people in the U.K. who may be able to help you.
Glad you find the site interesting.

Oooooops, greetings Adam. Indeed, you should contact the Right Honourable Sir Dr's Phil & Colin

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