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Well my sister in law is a teacher, but has nothing to do with science...umm i think it is a language arts class. I am also pretty good friends with a chemistry teacher. If they would sell to either of them, do you think that would be an issue in the sense of the nacc caring?
Thank you for your reply, I am defiantly not trying to "trick" anyone, thats why I asked before I wanted to check and see...I wasn't sure if they only sent to researchers because of to many people buying them without the knowledge of how to keep one. And if I had a teacher to reference my knowledge....well anyway, thank you for your inputs.
Well, maybe you could arrange it as an educational project. They are kept in many schools.

Didn't mean to imply you were trying to trick anyone - just that you probably ought to inquire there.

Well, I'd hate to say, but I know it's true that the only reliable resource for bimacs is restricted:banghead: And I am already cycling my tank now, I really would like to keep him here, right with me. So... whatever, I'll have to just keep on waitin', guess it doesn't really matter now, because as many of you probably know my tank won't be done maturing until late february.
Bimacs are available from time to time. Have a look at Glove - the Journal in the Journals and Photos forum. Aculeatus are often available and make good octo pets.

Ya, I know they are available from time to time, and I read all about glove already, no doubt a great pet. But, I just wish their was a really reliable source like octopets around.
Haha, well that was all before my time, but I just wish their was someplace that had octo's somewhat regularly and they were defiantly bimacs... haha, I know...I live in a dream world. Hah.

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