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May 30, 2000
I am pleased to announce the addition of Adam Eli Clem (Clem) to the TONMO.com staff. Clem is now Moderator for our Culture and Entertainment forum, where he has demonstrated a keen interest in cephalopods and how they are "represented" throughout the world. I always enjoy reading his posts and am honored he has agreed to join the staff!
:welcome: :band: :band: :band: :band: :welcome:

Congrats, Clem! :notworth:

I hope you have fun.

You know you have now lost your Architeuthis rank. :squid: I hope having your name in black makes up. :lol:

Phil :ammonite:

Many thanks. I'm delighted to be considered a beer. Peer. Should have some fun, surprising material to share in the coming months.

Thanks to Tony for the welcome, unexpected invitation.


Yours truly,

Adam Eli (Clem)
Missed this
Better late than never though, I suppose
Brian, Adam, welcome aboard. I shall go play some Roger Whittaker and Neil Diamond in your honour, very loud (so that you'll hear of course). I'm not so sure about all of this drinking beer though (I prefer a red wine)
congrat's clem.
If you right-click and then view the properties, you'll see where it came from...

I advise against doing this, since the host may not like it -- it's called "stealing bandwidth" -- that is, using an image from someone else's server to display it on another Website... I know I don't like it when others do it to me (without permission)!

Not jumping to conclusions (or even very irritated), just observing the facts from the original image posted, which was from:


That is the server where the image is being served from -- the fact that the source is mysmilies.com (which is where I got several of the smilies that I host on my server) is beside the point -- with the point being, if "borrowing" images that are hosted on another site, you should secure permission from the owner of that site. (Now, perhaps you've done that, I don't know) -- but I would have been remiss not to point out that we shouldn't just go ahead and embed images that are hosted on other people's sites...

Copyright is an entirely different issue. For example, I myself was guilty of recently posting a picture of Rodney Dangerfield (in a "no respect" comment) on the site. The picture is actually hosted on TONMO.com (which clears the concern mentioned in the above paragraph), but I did not seek permission of the person who took the photo, or the permission of Rodney himself, which would be needed if I were to do that properly. As you note, smilies are generally "freeware" -- free for the taking.

Not sure if that clears things up a bit, but it was a try... :smile: