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May 30, 2000
With so many of us getting onto broadband these days, I figured we should increase the amount of posts that appear on each topic page of the forums from 15 to 50. Just an FYI! :)
Broad-band or . . ?

Tony, does this mean that those stuck with dial-up will have to wait for 50 posts to slowly down-load before we can read the one at the bottom?
(This is a wonderful site, so you won't keep me away that easily!)
Hmm, well, I guess the answer would have to be "yes"...

Without dial-up myself (and no QA team :mrgreen:) I really don't have insight into how long it might take to download 50 posts. I can reconsider the number though... Perhaps 25 would work better.

Anyone else with input on the matter before I take any action? Thanks Mike for your input!!
What's "dialup" ???? Oh yeah, I remember that!
"you've got mail...you've got mail....you've got mail" etc. also...
Yikes! :lol:
be kind to us with 56k or any dial-up connec. for that matter, I'm still old skool I guess since I ain't got high tech stuff like cable or dsl, but you can maybe reconsider and make it 25 post's per page. :) :D :wink2:
thanks, all of us with dial-up would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks for everyone's input! I am a man of mercy... :) It's now 25 posts per page. It used to be 15, but some threads have too many pages to them... so this should be a happy medium for now.

Thanks again!

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