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May 30, 2000

I'm happy to announce a new member of the TONMO.com staff: our friend Phil Eyden (Phil). Phil will moderate the newly created Fossils and History forum, in the Cephalopod Scientific Research category. Tintenfisch even created a new smiley for us all to use on the new forum!

Speaking of Tintenfisch, I'm also happy to announce that she is sharing moderation duties with Dr. Steve O'Shea in the Physiology & Biology forum.

You can learn more about the TONMO.com staff on our Meet the Staff page.
is it the fossil forum because of his knowledge, or because you gave him some of the threads that havent been posted on in a while? :smile:
A new Fossil and History forum was created because it is an emerging area of interest on TONMO.com. Its addition reflects the growth of the community and its interests.

Phil is moderating this new forum because he has demonstrated knowledge and passion on the subject, and has that special TONMO.com something that makes him a valuable asset to the community -- I know that I always enjoy reading his posts, and I am thrilled and honored he has joined the team!
It is true that I may have imbibed a few pints of lager when that dreadful photo was taken very late one night. :beer:

I'd like to say I am not a worshipper of Bacchus, :notworth: but I can't because I am. :bonk:

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