not cephy but a tad odd....

Isn't that theory of mag poles flipping called the Haberman or Haverman theory??? I read that a long time is funny that it is still circulating...Hey! I don't have to make my truck payment on thursday! Yaaaaaay!!!
no wonder they are nuts...instant noodles all the time???
rrtanton said:
Instant noodles all the time? Oh. So they're college students. I get it now...

question: dont they absorb electromagnetic waves when they nuke their instant noodles? well, according to world clock, its already friday in tokyo so either the seal saved us or some people are feeling a tad silly....

:cthulhu: :beer: :heart:

whoops - got that out of order....but i guess cthulhu would drink hearts

:cthulhu: :heart: :beer:

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