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This study opportunity is focused on mammals but would be an appropriate internship for anyone wishing for experience in ocean environments.

Humpback Whale Field Intensive Program, Puerto Rico

Sun Jan 10, 2016 9:29 am (PST) . Posted by:
"Cathy Bacon" whalelover73

Humpback Whale Field IntensiveProgramMarine Mammal Field Techniques Internship Program1 week Sessions in Puerto Rico, USA

We still have some openings for the one week fieldintensive programs designed to build skills and resumesin Puerto Rico, USA. These positions are suitable for internships, and many ofour students receive up to 3 credit hours through independent study with afaculty member from their campus. The Humpback WhaleField Intensive Program is an on-going project in the 6th year of datacollection studying humpback whale behavioralecology. This program is ideal for anyone wishing to gain fieldexperience in marine mammal science including undergraduates, grad students,and people who have graduated related programs and are looking for opportunitiesto beef up their experience. Participants will be integrated into the researchteam while we do scan sampling surveys and theodolite work from a cliff,collect acoustic and behavioral data from a small boat, and analyze data in thelab using relevant software. You will learn and aid in matching images humpback whale flukes and scars for identificationof individuals.This program includes long days and preparation byparticipants through reading assigned peer reviewed publications. Sessions runthrough April 2016. Please note sessions are already filling and enrollmentcontinues until the schedule for the season is filled. The Marine MammalField Techniques Program is designed to be an introduction to datacollection techniques and tools used for studying marine mammals. This programis a skill builder as well as an effective means to help undergraduates decideif marine mammal field work is compatible with their career goals. Datacollection and analysis will be a focus from beaches, tide pools, bays, a smallboat, and application of several software programs useful for marine mammalfield work.We incorporate swimming and snorkeling into these sessions for arelaxed pace. Bring your snorkel gear and enjoy beautiful, near shore reefs. Sessions currently scheduled are being held in April, 2016.
There is no application process. Simply email [email protected] for pass codes tothe Education Hub, register for the session you would like to attend (if thereare spots still available), and you are confirmed.

There is a great deal of information on the MCERC website, Education Hub, PhotoGallery, and Facebook page. To link to all 4 resources, please start at Thereare hot links available from there.

The program fee of $1300USD covers room and meals for the week long session,instruction,
transportation to all field excursions, and equipmentnecessary for the program. The program fee does not include travel to and fromSan Germán, Puerto Rico, USA. Citizens of the USA do not need a passport totravel to Puerto Rico (at this time), the currency is the US Dollar, and mostmajor cell phone carriers have service on the island. Occasionally, we have anopening in the schedule we would like to fill and offer these spots at adiscounted rate. If you are able to travel and participate in a session within2-3 weeks of the start date, feel free to ask about these openings.

Questions? Email [email protected]

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