[Non-Ceph] CONGRATULATIONS TO ANDY!!! New (old) species discovery!

okay seeing as you asked.....
it all started when the Flaming Katy (kalanchoë blossfeldiana ) on the kitchen windowsill mysteriously died. When I postmortemed the pot it was full of weevil grubs. I then became more conscious of weevils & their attempts to sneak into the house where my treasured coconuts, smuggled into the UK from the Maldives , were thriving in the sun lounge. No pests were crossing my threshold.

Not long after this period of heightened security, there was an article in the Yahoo science section :roll: about a bod from the NHM Entomology Dept. who'd discovered a rare Armadillo weevil (Otiorhynchus armadillo) in a shop window on his way to work. There was a piccy too & it was a dead ringer for the perps chez moi.

I emailed Max Bugman (strange how experts have names to suit their calling in life, according to Richard Fortey there was a worm expert at the NHM called Wrigley & Mr Fortey's predecessor was Dr. Phacops McPhee. A fisheries conservation officer was on the news last week called Mr. Pickerel :lol: ) to tell him I may have his beasties in me garden & he was more than excited as this would be the most northerly population of Otiorhynchus armadillo ever & he asked if I could furnish him a specimen (of weevil).
How could I refuse, fame & fortune beckoned but not a single, solitary weevil showed it's face until the following summer. When I finally captured a victim I emailed Max & told him of the imminent arrival of weevil 'A' secured in a 35mm film pot, you could tell that he was salivating like Uncle Steve O'Shea wielding his cut-throat by a sperm whale.
The days passed & eventually a judgement arrived in my Inbox, weevil 'A' was just a common vine weevil. I've never got over it & had to leave the country !:oops:

what happened to your millipede then Phileas ? was it a stick ?

That is just......


Once more I am humbled by the wonderful people here at TONMO. This is really good :smile:

When it comes to outerworldliness, arthropods may even have a thing or two on ceophalopods, but without the added benefit of intelligence...
Sorry Phil :lol: :lol: :lol: ? I just checked back through "Non Ceph" about your millipede & it was a stick !

Mind you I found a bit of a Cretaceous marine reptile which turned out to be a sponge ! :oops:
That was a weevily good story Keef (weevily good..really good - geddit?). I like weevils, one of the few insects that don't give me the heebie jeebies when I find one crawling up my jumper.

Late Congratulations on that amazing find !

2 questions :
a) How is our mutual good friend who lives in the quarry taking it ?
b) Why did it not end up with your name on it ?

Hi Andy - nice to speak to you again!.

I keep trying to encourage the other local collectors to join in the fun and see if they have any new beasties (notably that wing with colour banding thats on Hans Steurs palaeobotany pages) but no news yet. Unfortunately I didn't write the paper so we'll have to wait until I dig up something else before I can unleash a Tennyensis onto the world. I still like the name it ended up with!

Haven't had many Yorkshire coast trips this year - other things keep getting in the way - and my only really decent find was that good semicelatum from Hawsker shown on an earlier thread. I see from other forums you've had some successes though. Perhaps we could meet up again if your over again next year?

Have a good Christmas everyone.


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