No Names Please.

Michael Roth

Blue Ring
Jan 19, 2007
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Any time I name anything aquatic it dies. HOWEVER I would be happy to get an ID on this medium sized guy. Mantle about 2", tentacles around the 8" mark.

Loves the crabs for lunch.



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Could you give us any more information? Is it active at night? What is it's coloration? Does it have any eyespots? Does it have any bumps that stick up over it's eyes? Any stripes? Any particular habits? Any idea what part of the world it is from?
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I could.

It is as active as it gets all the time. Seems to catnap for a bit then wander the tank over the 24 hr period.

Mottled brown. (ie: picture)

Eyespots... definite maybe. Appears to have a deviation in pattern there, more orange than mottled brown.

The bumps stick up over everything, not just its eyes.

Not striped, mottled.

Habits? Mostly fiddling with stuff in the tank, then hiding. Oh, some dirty looks too.

I have no idea what locale it was scooped from.
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Here is another shot, mostly mantle. I know, the detail is crap, but he seems to know the camera already. He also got up cose and personal with an emerald crab that was in that tank... not bad for only 2 days...


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This appears to be Abdopus aculeatus, a species that is flooding the market from Indonesia. They occur on shallow reef flats in Australia and Indonesia, are day active, voracious eaters, and if you have an adult (which you seem to have), a female will lay her eggs and begin brooding within weeks and males will senescence in about the same amount of time.

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