Nice Grimpoteuthis photo from MBARI

I could use one of those machines very nicely! "Glowing Sucker Octopus" interesting! A deep sea creature I'm assuming?:oops: I see that is so on second look. Those are great pics!
this has some of the same pics, but I think some different ones as well. lots o' deep-sea weirdness:

The spookfish looks implausibly like an owl. Andrea sent me the link as "this has to be photoshopped, right?" but I recognize some of the pics as real MBARI footage.

edit: actually, it looks like this is just some of the same pics, but they're all on one page, so they're easier to view...
I MUST have a ping-pong tree sponge in my new appartment! Do you think it's available in a 12 Volt edition, accepting halogen bulbs?
"The Deep" is an absolutely must have book for anyone who loves cephalopods. The book is truly remarkable. After I received my copy and thumbed through it, my first comment to a colleague was that if I had seen this as a kid, I would not have spent my life chasing stomatopods.

Roy, I took your advice and bought this book - offers it at a very reasonable price.

The photos are amazing - what's been posted onlline is just a glimpse of what this outstanding book has to offer. I'd think anyone interested in cephs and in marine life would enjoy owning The Deep.

How did you get your's so fast? Mine's still on order :wink: and I ordered it the day Roy posted the recommendation! Nice to hear the second 5 star reference though.
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