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Next octo


Blue Ring
Feb 6, 2005
Okay I am odering my next octo from carribean creturs(sp) and last time i had my octgo it just got scared when i came up to look at him he would just run away he never stoped I was just wondering if anybody has anything to say about this??
Hmmm, you say he "stoped" every time you approached the tank? Did he have enough places to hide and feel secure? Octos do need quite a bit of rocks and such to tuck away into...

Let me add to what Greg suggested - Did you spend time sitting by the tank, even if your octo wasn't out, so he became familiar with you? And were you careful to approach slowly, from the same direction each time, so as not to startle him? Those actions do make a difference.

yes he had enogh places to hid but I did sometime approch the tank to fast and from different directions but i did sit in a spinny chair for about 10 min each hour @_@

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