[NEWS]: Transvestite Cuttlefish

Amazing...reminds me of something...can't quite put my finger on it...oh yeah... my ex-husband. :P


Seriously, though, doesn't this seem like a risky gambit? Even if the younger male cuttles are swifter than their elder competitors, wouldn't some of them be, ah, violated by the males they've duped?


Clem, Mrs.
Absolutely horrifying...yikes.
I doubt that the eminent Herr Doktor would be jealous, Kat...but then again, he does listen to NEIL DIAMOND !!!! :shock:
The kinky cuttlefish article said:
When the larger males were not looking, the smaller males reverted to their normal colour and quickly mated with the females

Well, 'sneaking' behavior (smaller males being tricksy rather than taking on large competitors head-to-head) is a pretty well-documented reproductive strategy; I did a study on it once in wetas (really big, ugly bugs). Though they hadn't evolved into the cross-dressing phase yet... does seem like it would carry certain, er, risks. :roll:
Personally ... I like wearing dresses .... high heels and .... fishnets :madsci:

But I most certainly AM NOT IN TO BOTTOM TRAWLING!!!!
Love_newf .... what have you started? Cease and desist, pleeeeeeeze!

Ps, in support of Sir Dr Ummm......, Neil ROCKS!!!

PPS, so too do cuttlefish, squid & octopus (in keeping with the programme)!
Yep, you smack a neil diamond lover on the nose and they run around crying "foul!".
Strange, that is what I say every time I hear a ND song...hmmm... :lol:

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