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Robotic Staff
Oct 15, 2005
The Yowie: Australian for 'unlikely'
[SIZE=-1]Drexel University The Triangle Online, PA - 17 hours ago[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]A few weeks ago, researchers discovered a breeding ground for giant squid, which means that they're about a million times braver than I am. ...[/SIZE]

:shock: ... discovered a breeding ground for giant squid? Have I missed something?

But surely if someone had a press release of this nature it would have been discussed online .... or was it?:confused:
I hadn't heard that either, and that reference is why I approved this post by octobot. It could be embellishment / miscommunication on the part of the author...? Hard to know for sure though -- but I haven't seen or read any other reference anywhere else to a "breeding ground" discovery for giant squid.
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