[News]: Scientists are still discovering unknown forms of life in the ... - Chronicl

Of course it is cliche by now, but it is true that we know more about outer space than the oceans.

It is hard to believe that people are so shocked that new information such as this is being discovered in the depths of the oceans. More interesting, than anything.

I always enjoy reading stories like this. I think I read one about a year ago about an indonesian expedition that illuminated hundreds of new species. They were found in shallow waters as well.

"The day that science discovers everything there is to know, will be a sad, sad day" I had to paraphrase the quote and do not remember who said it (asimov). Perhaps someone else will know.

The census of marine life estimates that some 13000 new marine species have been discovered in the last year.......that's 250 a week!!!!!! :shock: