[News]: New Yorker Article (O'Shea featured)


Nov 8, 2003
Steve O'Shea said:
A little birdy tells me that Neil D will be mentioned in the New Yorker next week! That man rocks!

By Jove so he was:

And so we set off in the truck, with the trailer in tow, and headed north, listening to Neil Diamond’s slightly nasal tenor on the stereo. (“He’s bloody brilliant, isn’t he?” O’Shea said.)

But you are too modest as the rest of the article is worth reading too:

Reporting | The New Yorker


Remind me not to ever try to call you on the phone steve...

"For a moment, I wondered if O’Shea was fully in command of his faculties." :roll:
I'm tickled pink that Neil D got his deserved mention - wish it had been more; in fact I wish the article had been about him!

Was driving down the road yester and another legend was playing on the radio; what an absolute treat it was to listen to Roger Whittaker again, actually on the radio for all to enjoy, instead of my stereo, glass of wine in hand, listening to my all-time favorite album 'In Orbit'.

The world needs more Neil's and Roger's; twould be a happier place to live in. I'll make it my standard squid-catching music from this day forth.
Steve O'Shea said:
The world needs more Neil's and Roger's; twould be a happier place to live in. I'll make it my standard squid-catching music from this day forth.
Have you considered this music may be the reason Archietoothless prefers to remain hidden in the ocean depths?
Sir Steve OBE MBE, out of the gloom and dullness of 20th century western culture came a super hero the likes of which planet Earth had never seen before ! (& he's right here) :notworth: keep your arms out straight & always wear your shreds on the outside !

I never rated Neil Diamond before "Breaking up is hard to do" but each to their own & sadly I lost all my 78's when I left old Durham Town in ship lying rigged & ready in the harbour for Norfolk in an effort to bolster the gene pool & reduce birth defects.

Roger Whittaker could, as I recall, whistle like a lark on Nandralone but my Nan didn't like him as she thought he looked like the rear aspect of a wart hog or Jack Russel (*) while he was warbling.

I paid homage to Oasis :band: few years ago at Wemberrrrrrrrly Wemberrrrrrrly & they were FANDABBYDOZY, studio perfect wicked cool & righteous innit so I'll not hear another word John :wink:
I've got a year on Sir SOS so my theory is that Neil & Roger have styles to haul light traps by & us rock breakers prefer SOAD though I must confess to having a very soft spot for Nancy Sinatra & her "Boots" :oops:
Neil Diamond "music" has been known to kill cephalopods en masse from a distance of 30 meters...their hearing is soooo fine tuned, that they can sense the disharmony even if it is being played on a stereo of a vehicle driving down a road on the coastline ! Immediately, they flee the area in an act of self preservation...
Yeah, the article is a little whiny...but Dr SOS rocks !
Great article :smile:

I like the fact that the reporter actualy came out with you and seemed to do some of the work. Probably gave more insight into you and your passion for the search.
Sorry to hear you didnt find any squid on that trip. Were you planning any more adventures like this one?

There's nothing wrong with admitting a fondness for Nancy Sinatra! She and Lee Hazelwood did some awesome work together! Plus, "You Only Live Twice" is a beautiful song, particularly the live version on "Nancy in London"!

Anyway, back to the squid-hunt!

Erich :archi:
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