[News] Man Finds Octopus In Toilet


Well, I might as well admit it: I'm to blame for the octopus in Chad's toilet. He'd been ripping on me about seeing cephalopods everywhere and it made me mad. A couple weeks ago he showed up in my front yard with about two-fifths in him and "drew" an octopus in the snow. "What are you gonna do, set me on fire like the others?" he said. I got an expired bimac from the local aquarium store and snuck into his place while he was at the bar. Weird thing is, I left the bimac in his bed, so I guess it got stuck to him overnight. He must of been really out of it. Now he looks all haunted, but I'm not sorry.


Jeez...what's all the fuss about...the can is where I keep my octo also...water changes are easy ! Just put some salt in the tank above, and presto! Only problem I have run into is temporarily scooping him out for a few minutes a day...oh well.
Clem: that was very mean of you...octopus suckers can do serious damage to private parts. I know. (see above)

I suppose I should have put this in the octopus tank database:

tank size: 3.5/2 gallon
filtration: swirl-venturi
brand: american standard
Clem: Did you actually do that?

If so are you planning on telling him? He might think it fell out of him or be evidence of squid invaders from outer space or something :wink:


"I had no idea that he would call the Journal Star thinking that this thing crawled up our toilet," she said."

Translation: "I will be breaking up with him in the very near future."



Well found Emperor!

Well, that clears that one up. And to think I thought Clem was responsible too.

I suppose it could have been worse, she could have a left an Architeuthis in the bowl!
tonmo said:
:lol: ...now I've seen everything...

i can think of a caption or two to apply to that pic, but none thaqt would fly in mixed company... :smile: (by mixed i mean not just gender but age as well)

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