[News] Humboldt squid caught in British Columbian waters

Nah, it's just that darned El Niño again. :smile:

Seriously, though, this is very cool (and possibly slightly disturbing) news, Phil.
Several years ago a juvenile (~ a foot long) Diamondback Squid, Thysanoteuthis rhombus, was taken in southernmost New Zealand waters, almost Antarctic waters. The temperature at depth of capture (127m) was 15.7°C. At this latitude I would expect to find northern specimens of Mesonychoteuthis, not super-southern specimens of an otherwise strictly tropical to subtropical Diamondback (Thysanoteuthis is not known even from our subtropical waters .... it's just too cold and far south).

Other than some wayward warm-water eddy from Australia moving further south than it should have, trapping this squid in its warm-water core, tucking around the bottom of New Zealand and getting quite lost, I cannot explain it.

Some real wonky things happening for sure. I'd love to get Dosidicus down this neck of the woods!
i didnt know anyone had said otherwise.... secondly, and more troubling.... youre seeking scientific comfirmation from the media? c'mon we raised you better than that :smile: .....
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