[News]: Giant Squid Attacks French Boat - BBC News

Did they win the race in the end ..... or was this big bad seriously evil and positively nasty squid that lives at 500 metres depth, attains lengths of 100 feet at least, weights of 2 tons, eats submersibles, has eyes the size of tractor tires, beaks that cut titanium, responsible for them losing?

What next? Giant squid downs space shuttle? Giant squid eats White House? Giant squid for President? Four ton 400 foot giant squid attacks Mars.

Yours most totally sceptically
Isn't it odd, with this kind of news story, that the people involved never seem to get of photo of their attacker?

Yup, I'd like to know whether they won the race or not, too.

I've checked the official JVT website and there is no photo of this elusive beast. You would have thought the crew would have taken a photo given the sheer improbability of such an encounter. Every day is documented in photos after all.

Could a yacht really travelling at 22 knots really have been seized without ripping the arms from the head (not sure what forces are required to sever a limb)?

The 'Jules Verne' Trophy? Surely not! Surprised that the yacht wasn't christened Nautilus.

Unless a photo emerges, the jury is out with me, I'm afraid.

How about.........

That's crazy. Just imagine if that was real and you actually saw a tentacle bigger than your leg latch onto your boat! I'd wet myself!
:lol: :lol: I do not know if they won the race but.... they are sure WINNERS in my book. NOT!!!!!!!!!! lol lol
So where is this bloody picture. They must have taken a picture. :shock: :x Whatever. What ever drugs they were taking well, I want some to get me trough school. lol lol
:idea: :idea: :idea: Ahhhhhhhh! I have just a few questions??????
How is this giant squid so alive at this shallow a depth?????????
Do you know what kind of money they could of gotten for such a rare picture.................fools what a missed opportunity. :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
I would like to believe, but it seems a little suspicious, that this sighting should just coincide with the name of this event :roll: :roll: :roll: Perhaps they were just enthralled with the whole image and the ocean got the best of their imaginations. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
Or perhaps they have been taking the same drug as those who clone humans :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: We shall await more news (if it comes)??????? :?: :?: :?: :?:
Well, the giant squid for president sounds like a cool idea, but electing an invertebrate to public office seems rather... redundant. :smile:

Anyway, I have to admit I hate sensationalist wildlife stuff like this. Now every two-bit sociopath is going to go Buffy the Cephalopod Slayer on everything with tentacles. Its the same with shark attacks; one shark even looks at us strangely and we start chondricthyan genocide. For crying out loud! :x

Not that I'm bitter or anything... I have some deep-seated conservation issues. :P

Oh, and Steve? How about the eight-ton land squid again? Or maybe...

Maybe it was C T H U L U!!! That's right! Like I said before; Ctuhulu calls... collect. He's tired of French Squid dishes and planned to do a deep-sea version of "Iron Chef" with the crew as the dish!

*sigh* And my application for Miskatonic University just arrived...

Just my two cents... Adjusted for inflation, 2.7 cents...

Sushi, Sake, and Pocky

Sigh...if only this HAD been a real encounter...and if only they had a video camera.

I suppose this isn't a practical notion...but still. Anything to see video of these guys. Of course, I'd love the local aquarium to have a specimen, but reality tells me to be quiet and settle for the one-on-one interview Steve is going to provide us next year!

Oh dear, did I say I was going to do that? :smile:

This press release got a lot of coverage didn't it .... if I herald one more call about it :x
Fascinating.... It appears that this is one of those rare sightings of the elusive Hempiteuthis ganjanensis, a squid whose length can vary from 150 to 2,500 ft., depending upon how recently the viewer has attended a Reggae concert or inhaled at a Cheech & Chong movie.

I have not heard of these viewers before, but I am certain that if they proceed with their research in the same manner, they will eventually be able to add the Yeti, Nessie, Mothman, El Chupacabra, the Ogopogo, and Elvis to their list of sightings.

:rainbow: Shagadelic, baby!
Tani, International Squid of Mystery

Yeah baby, Yeah! 8)

"I smoke two squids in the morning... I smoke two squids at night... I smoke two more in the afternoon ... Dey make me feel allright..."

Hmmph! Yeah, and I was attacked by a land shark the other day...

Let's not forget the Roswell aliens. I'm SURE they were behind this, along with the CIA, FBI, and the Spice Girls

Sushi, Sake, and Hello Panda! crackers,


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