[News]: Colossal squid infest waters off south coast - San Jose Mercury News

"But amid this latest influx, to points as far north as Bodega Bay, there is a deepening concern among scientists that Humboldt squid are entrenching themselves off California, and may expand northward, eating their way through fisheries as they go. The same thing is happening in the Southern Hemisphere, where squid are being blamed for depleting the hake fishery off Chile."

Ah, so industrial fisheries have nothing to do with that, after all...
[News]: Colossal squid infest waters off south coast - San Jose Mercury News

Colossal squid infest waters off south coast
[SIZE=-1]San Jose Mercury News, CA - Apr 4, 2007[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]It is a colossal cephalopod that reaches 7 feet long, can weigh more than 100 pounds and jets through the water at speeds reaching 25 mph. ...[/SIZE]

Argh! They're escalating it!

Jumbo is just too boring, we'll have to rename it something that journalists can remember. Humongous squid? MegaSquid? BigAss Squid?

Maybe we should just offer to have the journalists dive with GoneToBaja and crew to see jumbo squids, and then offer to drop them in the Ross Sea to experience a Colossal Squid, and then write up the experience...
It has probing arms and tooth-lined tentacles, a raptor-like beak and an insatiable craving for flesh - any kind of flesh, even that of humans.

Ok, let's just throw the fisherman (lawyers, politicians...) in the water, the squid will have something to feed on, leaving the fisheries alone and there will be fewer fisherman, allowing the fisheries stock time to repopulate until the next generation of fisherman grow up... :sagrin:

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